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Code of Ethics and Values – ML Brothers

Code of Ethics and Values

Message for

The company's commitment is to respect them professionally and personally, offering them an environment and working conditions that facilitate compliance and improvement of their work, job stability and, above all, taking care of the safety of the life of each of our workers within their scope. labor as outside of it.


We are a company whose mission is to provide excellent quality services for customer satisfaction. Our team has a high performance and a standard of values, with an open mind to new challenges and new opportunities for growth.

• Respect
• Leadership
• Integrity
• Quality
• Success

Standards of
Business Conduct

Our goal is to foster and maintain a work environment of trust and camaraderie, cultivating social and responsible behavior among all Group employees. This includes respect for personal dignity, privacy and the rights of each individual.

Describe their responsibilities when faced with common ethical problems. These standards help us to offer principles for good decision making.


The Company does not tolerate violence in any workplace, committed by or against our employees.

Making threatening remarks, causing physical harm to someone, intentionally damaging someone's property, or acting aggressively or abusively in a way that another person fears being hurt, constitutes violence.

Please report immediately to your supervisor, Human Resources or an Ethics Officer, or call the help line if you observe behavior that could be dangerous or violent.


The objective of the company is to promote a work environment free of all forms of harassment, whether due to race, sex, religion or other characteristics.


Avoid contamination of the environment while doing their work. Conserve natural resources. Follow the laws, regulations and industry standards that protect the environment.